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Greater Boston NPHC will continue to say loudly, clearly, and unapologetically that BLACK LIVES MATTER!!

message from the president

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As President of the Greater Boston National Pan-Hellenic Council, I am proud to welcome you to our virtual home.  I became a member of the NPHC family by way of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. - Zeta Alpha chapter in the spring of 2003 at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  I'm truly honored for this precious gift of leadership and service and am especially grateful for the executive board members and all chapter delegates.  In solidarity with the leadership of each affiliate active "Divine Nine" Black Greek Lettered chapter across the metropolitan area, I am committed to providing our members and the community with the utmost service and dedication to our collective principles .  Where there is unity, there is definitely strength; therefore, it is our goal to unite as one body under the ideals of sisterhood, brotherhood, scholarship, and service to the community.

I live by the motto "Collaboration over Competition" and will continue to look for the best ways to increase our unity and visibility across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, across New England, across the Northeast, and beyond.  I truly recognize the necessity for the coordination of actions in the dealings of matters of mutual concern and that there are certain areas of action and programming that can best be achieved by a concerted effort of our combined organizations.  When it comes to our Black and Brown communities, it is an all hands on deck matter.


Frater Brandon M. Tilghman

message from the vice president


It is an honor to be the Vice President of the Greater Boston National Pan-Hellenic Council (GBNPHC) as we make an impact on the community by collaborating with social programming, informational events and supporting Black businesses in and beyond the city of Boston. The GBNPHC is comprised of 9 Historically Black Greek Letter Organizations also known as “The Divine Nine”. It is imperative that we all promote “Unity in the Community” and to never forget where we came from. Collectively, we share the philosophy of service for the betterment of our people. I believe that it is extremely important to reflect this philosophy within Massachusetts so that others may become authentic gatekeepers in turn. Furthermore, the community, in particular Black and Brown communities, need to show the upcoming generations our rich and unique history here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  


As a native of Boston and member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. - Delta Omicron Zeta Chapter, I always had a drive to consistently be involved in my community and to connect with other organizations to ensure a bigger impact on the community at large. We as a people have always endured tough times and continue to do so. Yet with COVID-19, triggering racial divides within the country, the GBNPHC still continues to take on our responsibilities within our villages. The GBNPHC understands that we cannot afford to sit back and just allow issues to be, but partake in the solutions by educating ourselves so we can be each other’s keeper in our villages. It is not about titles, it is about how you can lead, support, and inspire others - “Unity in the Community”.  


Soror Latrice Bates
Vice President  

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